Lehrveranstaltungen von Urmila Goel an der Europa-Universitšt Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder

Wintersemester 2004/05:

Virtual Ethnicity - Ethnic Identity Construction in the  Internet

Seminar for Master of European Studies (Migration)
Dr. Urmila Goel, viadrina@urmila.de
Tuesday, 14.15 - 15.45 hours, Room: FB 104, Starting: 19.10.04
Office hours: Tuesday, 12.30 - 13.30 Uhr, Room: HG 248

Transnational migration creates a new need for ethnic identity construction. The new media offer new spaces for this. Most importantly contact to the home country can be maintained more easily, dispersed migrants can interact with each other with little resources and they can create their own public.

In the seminar it will be analysed how migrants and members of ethnic minorities use the Internet for the construction of ethnic identity. The theoretical discussion of virtual ethnicity will be accompanied by empirical research. Each student will observe from the beginning of the term one particular virtual ethnic space and report on it in the seminar.



Field studies


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